Welcome to the irc.2600.net #help FAQ

Here is a short guide outlining some of the most 
common questions from new IRC users.

To find out more about any of the commands listed 
here type:
/msg nickserv help
/msg hostserv help

Registering a nickname:
Make sure the nick you want to use isn't registered 
by anyone else.
Ensure you create a strong password and store it safely.
Your password can be any combination of letters, 
numbers, and symbols.
Please use your valid e-mail address to verify 
your registration.

To register a nickname, follow these steps:
1 - Check your nickname is available to register:
You may use the following command to check:
/msg NickServ info nickname

2 - Register your nickname:
Issue the registration command:
/msg NickServ register your_password your_email

2a - Incorrect E-mail address:
If you have entered the wrong e-mail address or 
if you've made a mistake while typing it, 
you can cancel your registration and try again. 
To cancel your registration, use the DROP-command:
/msg NickServ drop nickname password

3 - Verify your e-mail address:
Verify the registration by following the link sent 
to your e-mail address.

4 - Log in/Identify your nickname:
After you have registered your nickname 
with NickServ, you will have to log in 
(or 'identify') each time you connect to IRC.
To identify, simply type the following in 
the IRC client:
/msg NickServ identify your_password

Requesting a vhost:
A VHost is a virtual host used for 
masking your proper IP or hostname.

2600.net offers users free custom vhosts which 
work through your NickServ account and will 
only be active/visible after authing to your 
account on IRC.

To request a vhost for your account first 
authenticate with nickserv (See No.4 above) 
then issue the following command: 
/msg HostServ REQUEST your.desired.vhost

Once your application has been received, provided 
your nickname has been registered one of our 
staff members will activate or decline your 
selected vhost. 
You will receive a memo advising you of acceptance
or denial of your request.

Further reading:
While every effort is made to maintain a safe 
online experience for everyone, it's important 
to take measures to protect yourself. Here are 
some steps you can follow:

Set user modes (umodes): Use umodes to prevent 
unwanted messages.

/mode your_nickname +g - Server-side Ignore
/ACCEPT nickname - Adds the nick of a user to your 
server-side ignore whitelist.
/mode your_nickname +R - Prevent unregistered 
nicknames from private messaging you.
/mode your_nickname +D - Prevent anyone from private 
messaging you.
/mode your_nickname +c - Block messages and 
notices from users outside your shared channels.

/mode your_nickname +V - Blocks all INVITEs from 
other users.
/mode your_nickname +z - Prevents messages from 
being sent to or received from a user that is 
not connected using TLS (SSL).

Syntax: /mode your_nickname +Rc - Prevent 
unregistered nicknames from private messaging 
you and block messages from users outside your 
shared channels.

Ignore users: Utilize the ignore feature to 
completely ignore a user.

/ignore nickname - Ignore all messages from the 
specified user.
/silence nickname - Silence all messages and 
notifications from the specified user.

Thank you for choosing to use the 2600 IRC Network. 
We hope you enjoy your stay. 

If you have any problems please ask for help in the 
#help channel.

2600.net Staff